Fully Automated IHC & ISH Analyzer



Fully Automated IHC and ISH Staining System

Bond-Max offers a range of features for your convenience and quality of staining. Some of the features are Continuous Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Systems Manager, Liquid Level Sensing, Delay Run, Modularity, Compact Polymer technology and LIS integration. Continuous Processing – provides efficient work flow
• Load more slides while processing
• Increase throughput
• Get urgent samples immediately Covertile™ technology - gives excellent staining quality due to gentle reagent application, uniform reagent coverage and prevents evaporation.
Tissue stays intact – No tissue lifting, Works well on frozen sections and difficult tissues (Bond Marrow and fatty breast, etc). Reduced cost - due to Low reagent volumes, minimal cleaning and maintenance, less Hazardous waste.
Novocastra BOND Reagents - Provide Highest Quality
• Barcoded for error-free operation and full process traceability
• Reagents custom-made and optimized for BOND™ to assure the best staining quality results