Fully Automated

Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT

• Produce high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC and molecular techniques
• Maximize safety in the lab:The AUTOCUT improves on past automated models with an automatic electronic brake to minimize the risk of injury during operation
• Rapid specimen exchange while trimming is enabled by fast homing and user programmable MEMO position
• MEMO Position: Set a customized position by simply returning the object head with the push of a button, enabling rapid batch trimming


Semi Automated

Leica HistoCore MULTICUT

• Personalized coarse feed wheel for improved comfort.
• Unique force balance system eliminates the risk of injury by an unbalanced object head.
• Optional antistatic waste tray reduces contamination and provides unmatched efficiency through shortened cleaning times.
• 2-in-1 blade holder for both, high and low profile blades.


Manual Rotary

Leica HistoCore BIOCUT

• Only personalized clinical rotary microtome to improve your comfort by adapting the coarse feed wheel direction to your personal preference
• antistatic waste tray increases efficiency by shortening cleaning time from minutes to seconds
• Produce high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC and molecular techniques

Leica RM2125 RTS

The Leica RM2125 RTS manual microtome has the essential features you need for safe, economic sectioning and optimized workflows. It utilizes the essential elements of proven Leica technology to deliver high-quality sectioning in an economical manual package
Leica RM2125 RTS manual microtome helps users work safely throughout each shift. Safety by design – a smooth running hand wheel, built-in safety guards and a rounded shape with arm rests minimize fatigue during sectioning