Surgical & Examination lights

Operation Theatre

TruLight™ 3000

Surgical light

"TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light TruLight™ 3000 Surgical Light is Trumpf Medical's reliable and flexible solution for typical surgical environments. Combining light performance and efficiency, it is ideal for emergency rooms, trauma, ambulatory centers, or intensive care unit.
1. Adaptive Light
2. Efficiency and Durability
3. Highly Adjustable
4. Needs-based Communication

TruLight™ 5000

Surgical light

TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light's design makes the light easy to operate and offers flexibility and multiple future options for your hospital. The automatic readjustment of the illumination level in typical working distances, the adjustable color temperature, and the possibility of camera integration all make this light versatile enough for any surgical application.
1. Fully adjustable
2. Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)
3. Sterile Light Control (SLC)

iLED™ 7

Surgical light

With the latest 3D sensor technology, light field size and intensity of the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light remain consistent regardless of the distance between the light and the surgical site or the position of staff under the lights.
The iLED™ 7 Surgical Light can be operated using the touch-screen wall control panel, wireless tablet, or directly from the sterile light handle including acoustic feedback.
1. SmartAssist: Light without Hard Shadows
2.SmartIllumination: Consistent Light Intensity
3. SmartPattern: A Consistent Light Field
4.SmartModularity: Flexibility for the Future
5.SmartControl: Intuitive Use
6. SmartDesign: Simple and Aerodynamic
7. Camera: Brilliant Image Wireless Transmission