Leica M320 F12

The Leica M320 F12 bundles apochromatic optical quality with cutting-edge LED illumination and high-definition imaging technology. Ease of use and flexible, smooth maneuverability are additional characteristics of this microscope.

Leica M525 F20

The Leica M525 F20 surgical microscope combines brilliant optical quality with superior maneuverability. The crisp, sharp images and large depth of field allow the surgeon to see precise details.
Designed as an otolaryngology microscope, the Leica M525 F20 is also ideal for spine, dental, hand, and plastic/reconstructive procedures.

Leica Provido

Discover the benefits of PROvido with FusionOptics Refocusing interrupts your procedure. Equipped with groundbreaking FusionOptics technology. Apply your skills with ease, as you see more, simply.

Leica OHX

Premium surgical microscope

Stay focused through every step of every surgery with the support of the Leica M530 OHX. Exclusive FusionOptics technology combined with advanced optics and TriFluoro – three integrated fluorescence modes – enable you to focus on every critical detail.
The fully ergonomic design helps you and your team to achieve comfortable working positions and avoid physical discomfort. Whether performing delicate neurosurgery, or complex reconstructive microsurgery, you remain focused on delivering optimal results for your patient.




• EZStore™ design with Handle and cord wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting, and protection against microscope component damage
• Leica EZLite™ LED illumination saves the cost of replacement lamps and provides a cool white light for over 20 years of average use
• Patented time delay shutoff saves energy
• AgTreat additive at touchpoints to prevent bacteria spreading from student to student.
• DM750 Right Hand Stage with Koehler Illumination and 5 Position Nosepiece eguard
• C- Mount Adapter 0.55x for 1/2 inch