Operating Table

Operation Theatre

TruSystem™ 3000

Mobile Operating Table

Flexibility without compromise.
Perform all kinds of surgical interventions and increase the efficiency of health personnel to achieve a greater flow of patients in your hospital, without breaking the budget.
The TruSystem™ 3000 Surgical Table is the ideal solution to ensure quality surgical care in your operating room.
1. Quick assembly
2. Intuitive remote control
3. Unified user interfaces
4. slim design
5. Minimal maintenance, optimal performance

TruSystem™ 7000

Mobile Operating Table

The TruSystem™ 7000 Surgical Table is the result of the work of international clinical experts and their practical knowledge. Meets the highest demands of the user in the OR: Comfort, reliability, flexibility and expandability.
1. Collision monitoring for greater safety
2. overload protection
3. optimal access
4. Simple docking point system
5. lighter construction
6. Intuitive operating concept

PST 500

Precision Surgical Table

The basis of surgical care. This versatile and easy-to-use table handles the volume and variety of procedures you face every day, allowing you to properly care for your patients and streamline your workflow. Because the correct surgical table is not just a table, but the foundation on which healthcare occurs. And with a solid foundation, anything is possible.