Surgical C-arms

Cios Fit

Fit for the tough job in the OR

Cios Fit combines high resolution capabilities with optimized right dose and smart power options for crystal clear images. Consistent, best-in-class image quality helps you to clearly view still and moving anatomical structures, implants, screws and devices with the 24’’ LED high resolution display.

Cios Select

Select smart surgical imaging

Cios Select supports your surgical procedures with smart, automated algorithms like IDEAL dose management, noise reduction, metal correction and dedicated organ programs.

Cios Select with FD

Select smart surgical imaging

Combining accuracy with productivity and reliability, Cios Select with flat-detector technology is a smart choice for your surgical routine. Learn how it gives you access to optimal support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high dependability in multidisciplinary use.

Cios Alfa

Perfect balance. Uncompromised.

Cios Alpha® is a high‐definition 2D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty in these matters. Thanks to Retina technology for optimal images, CARE technologies for the right dose in each case, and intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.